Purchase a license of DrasticTreemap 1.5

Drasticdata components are sold under a "first try, then decide" policy. All trial versions are fully functional. They help you to verify if the component fullfills your needs before purchasing. They are not meant to be used in production and have a clear watermark. If you want to use the components on your site we ask you to purchase a watermark-free version here.

How it works

A costs of a license for the DrasticTreemap component is Euro 199,- per domain (tax excluded). A domain license is valid for all subdomains of that domain (www.example.com, special.example.com). You can use Paypal or credit card to perform the transaction. When your transaction has completed we will send you a license code and instructions how to remove the trial version watermark.


Domain (like *.example.com):


Upgrades to a newer version are free within 5 months of purchase.

Dedicated versions

If a component is close to your needs, but misses some specific functionality that is crucial for you we can always make you a dedicated version (costs to be calculated).


For questions or special requests: info@drasticdata.nl.