Latest version: 1.5

- improved layout,
- circle diagrams,
- config in javascript
- other improvements


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DrasticTreemap 1.5 is a dynamic treemap component. In the example above, it is used to display all 2155 orders from the well known northwind sales database. Initially, each sales order is represented by a rectangle and colored based on the product that was ordered, The orders are grouped by product category and its size represents the revenue on the order. As you can see, beverages, and diary products had the highest revenue. The largest order was an order for 60 bottles of Côte de Blaye for 263.5 each, without any discount. You can change the coloring, grouping, sizing and visualisation type to see other data patterns. For example try grouping by employee to see who had the highest revenue in total (Margaret Peacock) or group by product and size by quantity to see that Camembert Pierrot was sold most and Mishi Kobe Niku the least.

You can use DrasticTreemap to display your own data on your own web page. It is configurable and interacts with your browser using javascript. Download the trial version, play with it as much as you like and purchase a license if you want to use it on your site. We develop dedicated versions for your particular datasets on request. Contact us for advice.

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